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SPS 2018 Videos

SPS-Omaha 2018 session videos.

There are two types of videos captured for the sessions.
One captures the image from the computer (slides, demonstrations, etc.) which is labeled as “Computer”.  The second is the image from the room (screens, presenter, etc.) which is labeled as “Presenter”. Both include the audio.

The recording begins a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time for the presentation and records a few minutes past the scheduled end time.

The videos have not been trimmed so you may want to fast-forward to the session content.

Note: The auditorium (Room “Aud”) camera for the “Presenter” image was out of focus so are not included.  N/A indicates that the presenter did not wish to be recorded.


Time Room Speaker Description Computer Presenter
8:00 Aud Welcome and Opening Remarks Computer Out of focus
8:30 Aud Todd Klindt Keynote Computer Out of focus
9:45 117 David Petersen DEV 300: Modern JavaScript Development For Not So Modern SharePoint Computer Presenter
118 Babu Shafi PRO 300: Enhance Your Search For Enterprise Content Management Computer Presenter
119 Nate Chamberlain BUS 100: Building The Intranet Of The Future: Using SharePoint To Empower Collaboration Computer Presenter
120 Amber Roberts 101 100: What The Heck Is SharePoint? Computer Presenter
121 David VanSickle 365 200: Introduction To PowerApps N/A N/A
Aud Steen Jakobsen and Zachary Eisenhauer VEN 200: Get Files & Data “In, Out and Around” In SharePoint 100% NoCode Solution Computer Out of focus
11:00 117 Michelle Gilbert 365 100: Power User’s Guide To Office 365. The “Waffle” Is Not Just A Breakfast Food Anymore Computer Presenter
118 Ryan Schouten DEV 200: Using The Office Dev PnP To Accelerate Your Productivity Computer Presenter
119 Nate Chamberlain BUS 100: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way With Microsoft Flow Computer Presenter
120 David Broussard PRO 200: Beyond The Fortress Network: Security In A Cloud First World Computer Presenter
121 Bill Lang 101 100: Basic SharePoint Terminology Computer Presenter
12:45 117 David VanSickle 101 100: SharePoint Structure Basics N/A N/A
118 Shari L Oswald 365 100: Productivity Immersion Computer Presenter
119 Max Fritz PRO 200: A User Created An Office 365 Group. You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next! N/A N/A
120 Scott Restivo BUS 200: Building A Request Management System In SharePoint And Office 365 Computer Presenter
121 Jim Anderson DEV 100: Introduction To SharePoint Framework Computer Presenter
Aud Darin Hendrix VEN 200: Protect Your Data And Ensure Compliance With O365 Compliance Center Computer Out of focus
2:00 117 Max Fritz BUS 200: Become The Task Master: Getting Started With Task Management N/A N/A
118 Amber Roberts 101 100: Let’s Build An App…Putting It All Together Computer Presenter
119 Paras Dodhia 365 100: Office 365 Sway Usage In A Learning And Corporate Environment N/A N/A
120 Ryan Schouten DEV 200: SharePoint Framework Extensions And You Computer Presenter
121 Todd Klindt PRO 200: PowerShell For The Office 365 Admin Computer Presenter
3:15 117 Karthik Nallajalla DEV 200: SharePoint Application Integration Using Microsoft Azure Computer Presenter
118 Bill Lang BUS 100: SharePoint Migration Case Study (SP13 To SPO) Computer Presenter
119 David Broussard 101 100: Working On The Go With Microsoft Computer Presenter
120 Michelle Gilbert 365 100: Managing Change In A Microsoft World Computer Presenter
121 Todd Bleeker DEV 200: Modern Timer Jobs For SharePoint Online Computer Presenter